Re-elect NOBODY 2020

Welcome to VOTI!

2020 is an election year here in the United States and there are tons of websites out there that are more than happy to recommend (if not tell you outright) who to vote for. Look around the web and you'll find hundreds of pages telling you how this Senator should be re-elected because of his outstanding track record on X. You'll also find a similar number of pages telling to vote against that same Senator because of his terrible track record on X.

The truth is, our elected officials have not done that great a job for us overall. They've done just fine for themselves and for their big contributors but not so well for the rest of us. So we have a suggestion. We're not going to make a single recommendation about who you should vote for. We're going to recommend who you should vote against.

That's why this site exists. It doesn't have any Party Affiliation. It doesn't have any Political Agenda...except one. Our Elected Officials need to be reminded that they work for us, not the other way around. They also need to be reminded that if they don't do the job they were hired to do, they can be fired...just like any employee. Toward that end, we recommend that you vote against whoever is currently in office.

--Vote Out The Incumbents--

“If you are part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and no measures you want to vote for ... but there are certain to be ones you want to vote against. In case of doubt, vote against. By this rule you will rarely go wrong.”
ʉۥ Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

This year, there are 13 Gubernatorial - including 2 Territorial Governors, 33 Senate and 435 House races on the ballots. Of those, 1 Governor, 4 Senators and 36 Representatives are retiring - 10 of these last so that they can run for County Supervisor, Senate, Lieutenant Governor, Governor or President. In addition, 1 other Governor is not eligible for re-election because of Term Limitations. That still leaves a LOT of people running for re-election. We suggest re-electing none of them.

Take a look at our lists of incumbents. Odds are there's someone in your State or Territory that's up for re-election this year. Look at that person's record and ask yourself if you really want them in a position of power. Ask yourself if you'd hire them to work for you...or let them keep their job considering their past performance. If the answer is "No", then exercise your Constitutional Right and vote for someone else.